Saturday, July 30, 2011

Powell Street Promenade An Innie Or Audi?

Deformed railings on the parklets
   Mere weeks after the completion of the Powell Street Promenade, the poor selection of materials used in the construction of the perimeter railings is becoming apparent.  Aluminum is an obvious choice in areas where aesthetics trump structural integrity.  But attempting to use 1/4 aluminum as a railing protecting pedestrians from the Cable Cars and vehicular traffic along Powell street is simply egregious. 
  I noticed this on each of the 4 parklets that have an exterior railing system of this type. I walked up and down Powell Street on a busy Saturday to get the feeling of the street from both approaches, yet I observed many tourists

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Henny Penny, Dead at 95.

Betty White and Rue McClanahan
as Henny Penny and Goosey Loosey on The Golden Girls

 Al Gore suffered a minor heart attack this week, after a new study has definitively shown that for decades scientists have been misdiagnosing surface temperature feedbacks during global warming studies. 
  Which basically means that we're fine so stop composting, re-re-recycling anything glass and wearing a second shirt as your deodorant.
  Remember, global warming is just a theory.  There's only about 25 years of research that has gone into this field.  It took us longer to develop peanut butter from peanuts.

Henny Penny is dead, I think Foxy Loxy cut that bitch.  

Double Deuce: Caught Flexing Again

  Last time I checked, there is no 3-foot passing law between bicyclists and vehicles currently on the books in either San Francisco or The State of California. But the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has made it there duty to foresee the future and provide us with a seemingly inane safety video on their website entitled Riding Predictably where they show us the law:

                                              video courtesy of

  Even Celeste LeCompte from today's has been getting her ledes from  "Ride safely. Even though you're riding slowly, don't forgo the helmet, stop at traffic signals and ride predictably." Her great article about the Slow Bike Movement is where it IS.

  So anyway, after being pleasantly surprised at finding a quirky and informative safety video on their website (I always ask them for safety literature when I see them on the street, but they never seem to have any), I was shocked to hear @ 2:56 the declaration that the 3-foot law is "The law." (People without brakes on their bicycles:  Please watch 2:11) SB910 passed the senate this spring, but as of the date of this posting it has not become law.

Autism Sheds Reality On The Danger of Pedestrians

Suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder myself, I find great comfort in the digital manifestation of a dream I've always had.  Even as an adult, my mind is still 12.  Passivity was my birthright, drugs were my escape, freedom was my leash, facts were my carabiner.  Funny thing though; you think that you're the only one that's NOT nuts.  Autism is hilarious!

Autistic Reporter: Train Thankfully Unharmed In Crash That Killed One Man

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Benevolent Blacktivists And Their Fight

  Ministers from several Bayview neighborhood churches stood on a Muni platform Monday morning and bought fares for more than 200 passengers to help residents that struggle to afford Muni. This in response to the SFPD's actions over the weekend after officers exchanged gunfire with a suspect who evaded paying his fare on the T-Third Street line. It was later determined the suspect shot himself and was not killed by the SFPD.
  KTVU rode the T-line Monday and found that fare evasion strikes a deep nerve in The Bayview, including Jamil Patterson. "It's a buildup," Patterson said. "I've seen eight police officers come to arrest one young man for not having a transfer."
  Muni records show the T-line also has the highest number of fare evasions, assaults and robberies in Muni's entire light rail system. Which begs the question, if the T-line has the highest numbers of all crimes in the system, then why are Bayview residents feeling harassed when the SFPD steps up enforcement on that same line? Because that's all they've ever felt is harassed.