Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anonymous Has A Case of the Mondays; Crossbows As Self-Defense in SoCal; Parklets? No, Pooplets.

Protesters, deciding that it would be alright to come out of their mom's basements two days a week, have moved their pointless disruption routine to Thursday. They also muttered something about using the funeral of that Apple engineer who was struck and killed over the weekend as an excuse to leave work early on Thursday.  Like the mask inside your desk didn't give you away, already.


photo courtesy of goddesssophiawalker.com
Crossbows are something you don't see everyday. This changed for a 16 year old San Diego boy yesterday, when he was struck in the side by an arrow from the passenger window of an SUV at which he was throwing rocks. The boy was taken to a hospital, treated and released to his guardian.

His name wasn't released.

Nobody has been arrested.



Outdoor toilets in India (left) and Amsterdam (right)

Urinating in public has always been seen as a last resort in America. However, in many other countries this proces has been embraced as a natural part of humans living in close proximity to each other. In an ever progressive stance, the city of San Francisco is thinking of constructing Pooplets (similar to a parklet in size and location) where specifically homeless people can relieve themselves in a sheltered, but still open space. These shelters would be similar in size to a bus stop, with multiple entrances, and enough clearance at ground level for police to easily enforce scofflaws and drug addicts from using these facilities nefariously. Scott James from The Bay Citizen researched how the new toilets differ from the existing ones, and where the biggest amount of crap is found in San Francisco.  Surprise, it's in the Tenderloin!