Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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Mortifying Parking Minimums, Hot For The Homeless

The SFMTA made parking history today, by discarding decades-old required parking minimums for parcels in exchange for parking maximums; a decision long in the making. 

The lengthy, but well-appointed (pdf) had one interesting parking space requirement not based on size or occupancy.  How many morticians does it take to screw in a broken jawbone?   5                                                 



 And in a post from Cranky Old Mission Guy, we see an ingenious way to beat the chill on the street...Charcoal Briquettes!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

San Francisco's Storm Water System Hides Sustainable Secret

  Mayor Ed Lee's proposed transfer of tens of thousands of city-maintained trees over to homeowners, reminded me of something I learned in a Geology class at City College about San Francisco's original water supply, and how long ago a secret was buried.

The residents of San Francisco have always taken the lead in the 'greening' of The City, But what if we could help restore our urban watershed, and provide for our water needs at the same time?

Therein lies the secret...

  We pay a large amount of money to pump water out of Powell Station every year. This is because of the natural spring (formerly known as Hayes Creek) that begins under NOPA that still gushes water under San Francisco, flooding Powell Station with thousands of gallons of water monthly.  This source of water once provided much of the water to San Francisco's urban