Thursday, July 28, 2011

Double Deuce: Caught Flexing Again

  Last time I checked, there is no 3-foot passing law between bicyclists and vehicles currently on the books in either San Francisco or The State of California. But the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has made it there duty to foresee the future and provide us with a seemingly inane safety video on their website entitled Riding Predictably where they show us the law:

                                              video courtesy of

  Even Celeste LeCompte from today's has been getting her ledes from  "Ride safely. Even though you're riding slowly, don't forgo the helmet, stop at traffic signals and ride predictably." Her great article about the Slow Bike Movement is where it IS.

  So anyway, after being pleasantly surprised at finding a quirky and informative safety video on their website (I always ask them for safety literature when I see them on the street, but they never seem to have any), I was shocked to hear @ 2:56 the declaration that the 3-foot law is "The law." (People without brakes on their bicycles:  Please watch 2:11) SB910 passed the senate this spring, but as of the date of this posting it has not become law.

  SB910 is a contentious bill with many detractors, myself included, and many voracious supporters, but it is NOT the law yet! We may know something in the next year if it comes up for a vote, but this is democracy kids, not a Hipstocracy. Don't make a murky situation worse by pretending you've won, it just makes you look desperate. Please update your video with correct information or pull it down.  Sad, it seems so well produced and the music is great! 

Putting the cart before the horse only feeds the horse, and flips off the driver.  

  After calling attention to the misuse of factual data on the website last week, where they skewed the intent of factual transit data to help politicize an SFMTA pilot program that would have allowed bikes on Muni LRV's, they removed the page. Upon speaking with someone from the SF Bicycle Coalition's offices, they informed me that each department is responsible for their specific page and that he would have someone look into it.

Here's an informative blog post from D.J. Connel about SB910 and it's history.

Ride Predictably, ya'll!

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