Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Final Renderings of 2001 Market Revealed

San Francisco - via SFCurbed - BAR Architects partnering with Prado Group has featured a rendering of the newest mixed-use development at 2001 Market Street.  Until now, the project has been depicted in simpler renderings, but the newest images give a whole different look at the project. 
     BAR notes the building's "emphasis on verticality and 25-30 foot modules," which "allows the building to continue the residential feel of the Castro neighborhood."  According to the architect's site, the project could begin construction as early as late 2010, with the first-floor tenant, Whole Foods, opening in early 2012 and the 80 condos coming on line by mid 2012.
     Although the building makes adequate use of the footprint it was given, the aesthetic street view of this structure far from "blends in" to the nearby structures along this segment of Market Street.  Local residents welcome the introduction of Whole Foods to the neighborhood, however, with the neighborhood lobbying for a new Trader Joe's at Market and Noe, it will be interesting to see how these three specialty grocers will exist together in this tightly-knit neighborhood.
     The Safeway, located directly across the street from the pending Whole Foods, will definitely take notice as one of its biggest competitors in San Francisco faces off with them.  Updates will be forthcoming with the revitalization of many selected properties along the Market Street corridor, including 2299 Market, 1844 Market, and the embattled 1960 Market.
     With the city spurning the development of several visual "behemoths" along Market Street, will 2001 Market suffer the same fate?  Only time will tell.