Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Caltrain Sustains, Balboa Park Blossoms and SFPark Debuts

Caltrain secures the $3 million in funds needed to prevent the closure of three stations and up to 10 trips per day from current Caltrain service to the South Bay.  In an interview for the San Jose Mercury News, the mayor of San Carlos said, "I have been led to believe there is a mechanism that will be presented on Thursday that will allow us to close the gap and keep the schedule, and I put it as likely the board will pass it."

Walkway on north side (Before)
The elevated pedestrian connection between Ocean Avenue and the Balboa Park BART Station opened this week to the relief of City College students and locals.  The old connection was immediately adjacent to tracks for the MUNI K and J-trains, had poor lighting, often flooded during wet periods and has been the scene of many robberies. The barricades separating the path from the tracks were only put up recently during the construction period.
New walkway at right, with old walkway along left

The new walkway has new lighting, at-grade street transitions, and makes travel safer from Ocean to Geneva along I-280.  It has also allowed BART to provide a new handicapped accessible entry into the station. The old walkway will be closed at Ocean and will only be accessible to handicapped riders via the access ramp shown middle left.

Video - The Future of Parking Technology

SFpark Overview from SFpark on Vimeo.