Saturday, March 26, 2011

MUNI Driver Takes Unscheduled Break, Enjoys Starbucks

   Yesterday, myself and a group of six other people waited for almost an hour for the 23-Monterey bus heading East towards the Bayview, but it never came.  Actually, three buses never arrived.
   When a bus DID finally arrive I asked the driver (who was actually very apologetic), he told me that his leader and the leader before him had both called in sick. It seems that with MUNI owing operators a budget-busting $28 million in overtime pay, and with the SFMTA recently enforcing existing work rules that caused a 1-week decrease in absenteeism of 40%, and with annual salaries that rival any transit system in the entire country; why should even marginal ineptitude ensure job security?

F-Streetcar Could Reach Marina, Sea of Parking Lots

The extension would connect Fisherman's Wharf with The Marina District via an existing One-way tunnel, starting at Van Ness Avenue, that lies underneath Fort Mason
    The F-Historic Streetcar might make it's way to the Marina sooner than later.  With the release of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the extension, The National Park Service is overseeing the majority of the preliminary work, since most of the .85 mile extension from Jones Street to Fort Mason Center crosses federal land. The final construction and operation of the extension will be completed by MUNI.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

VIDEO - Pedestrian Smashing Still Focus For Peninsula Police

Tsunami!; Video of Years on Transit; and MUNI meets Demolition Man

courtesy of SF Examiner
View of the recent Tsunami traversing San Franicsco Bay @ Emeryville, CA.

A video from You Tube about all the people you meet on public transit

The future of MUNI hybrid buses was recently spotted at their Potrero facility (via MuniDiaries)