Monday, August 1, 2011

Pleasanton Gets First Bicycle Red-Light Sensors

Bicyclists in SF generally encounter timed
signals instead of sensors
  Many a bicyclist and motorcyclist has encountered this situation at one time or another.  You approach a red light (more common in suburban areas) and wait, and wait, and wait some more.  The light never changes unless a motorist triggers the signal.  New technology promises to distinguish between bicycles, motorcycles and motorists in a trial being conducted in Pleasanton, CA.
  This piece by Robert Jordan of the Contra Costa Times highlights the sensors and the frustration felt by people who choose alternate forms of transportation around the Bay Area. And in this light-hearted piece from the San Jose Mercury News, the author highlights creative ways alternate modes of transportation attempt to trip the current red-light sensors.
   As more tools are utilized in creating a safer environment for all conveyances, the more accepted alternate modes will be acknowledged and respected by those in decision making positions. Let's fight for federal funding to bring these sensors to San Francisco's most dangerous un-timed intersections.

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