Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New BART GM Misses Seattle, The Shire

Grace Crunican comes to BART via Seattle, WA via Hobbiton. File photo.
After a long and arduous journey BART's new general manager, Grace Crunican, will be arriving in the Bay Area in mid-September to begin her tenure. She takes over amid multiple BART police shootings, BART's decision to cut-off cell service inside stations during protests over the shootings, and updating BART's entire vehicle fleet by securing federal transportation funding and voter-funded ballot measures.  Coming to us from Seattle, WA, Crunican replaces Dorothy Duggar, who was asked to resign on claims she withheld information from the board, and resisted delegating responsibilities to subordinates. Duggar, however, brought accountability and transparency to the financial books of the long-embroiled transit agency.

Curnican and twin sister at Hobbiton event
When asked about her long journey from home and the challenges she faces, Crunican stated "Ey've never left home durin' the Shpatzel Festival, nor ever out on me own for very long," adding "I'll miss me family and grammies Puss Cakes the most." She will travel by foot for over 3000 miles to get here in time for her swearing in on September 12th.  Multiple Korean pedicurists and massage therapists will be on hand to massage her massive feet upon her arrival.  Talk about executive perks!
Crunican hails from Proudfoot(s), The Shire. Trolls are often a problem during the rainy season.

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