Friday, August 26, 2011

'Anonymous' Won't Stop Until It's Own Image, BART Police Destroyed

'Anonymous' terrorist group member, pre-selected lesbian, see fit to block the bike lane now too

  In it's latest effort to ruin it's own image, the "Hacktivist" group Anonymous claimed it will not stop interrupting BART service until the BART Police are disbanded. As this will never happen, and since I giggle everytime our lamestream media gives these social tangents an ominous characterization on our behalf, I thought some reflection was necessary. To lighten the mood, I'd like to point to a few other ways in which Anonymous has continued it's downward spiral of attention-grabbing nonsense.
1.  Certain protesters were climbing atop the BART trains at the Civic Center and Powell Stations to disrupt service. Of course
they're not going to disrupt stations out where they live, people would recognize them; making them...Not Anonymous! One protester was arrested for possessing a suspected incendiary device. Thanks to all the locals who provided couches to the terrorists, you now have bedbugs.
2.  The mask. Really? Can you be any less original? Is one ComicCon per year not enough? I thought hackers were creative, artistic, and naughty sub-culture rejects.  Turns out they've just watched too many movies, read to many scary books, and generally turn their nose to anything they didn't know about 5 minutes ago.  I thought this was about some knife-wielding nutjob, turns out they seek anarchy. They call the rest of us Noobs, but I'd rather have somebody else touching MY noobs, then have to always do it by myself in the bathroom farthest from the Help Desk.
3.  Anonymous. I understand your use of stylized, social issue-specific subterfuge as a way of hopefully engendering sympathies from the average BART rider. There are no sympathies since you're not man/woman enough to discuss your issues with BART like an adult (which they've invited you to do many times), so you passive-aggresively use the only tools you know how to use, besides your right hands, to gain a weak advantage.  It's not your fault really, your generation made you this way. Bitter before 20, smarter than you deserve to be, and an unsuccessful thief of the public peace.
Our heroes in black at the protest
   Best of luck to the BART riders in the never-ending quest to not to have to talk to anyone on your ride home. To spill your Burger King on the seat, and then leave the wrapper for someone else to sit in. And to the guy who farted in my face going up the escalator at 16th Street Station, how was the chili?
   Finally, the list of the people arrested during the most recent protest. Thanks for the pics SFGate.

Ryan Ragle, 27, Oakland. Booked on suspicion of possessing an incendiary device, and obstructing a police officer.
Nicholas Nydam, 19, Los Lunas, N.M., booked for allegedly obstructing a police officer.
Blake Trisler, 22, Oakland, booked for allegedly obstructing a police officer.
Gabriel Meyers, 34, Oakland, booked for allegedly obstructing a police officer.
Samson Morrison, 37, San Francisco
David Batzell, 26, Santa Rosa
Kelly Taylor, 38, San Francisco
Kathryn Degraaf, 24, Oakland
Christa Sadler, 32, San Francisco
Dominic Pottker, 23, Berkeley
Celeste Obomsawin, 33, Oakland
Mohammed Arsalai, 29, Oakland
Kimani Rigmaiden, 19, Castro Valley
Philip Lonsdale, 24, Los Angeles
Eric Desouza, 29, Fremont
Gregory Fernandez, 27, Oakland
Brian Donovan, 21, Pleasant Hill
David Madden, 37, San Francisco
Ryan Jeter, 28, Richmond
Alonso Izquierdo, 18, San Francisco
Pierre Lucas, 23, San Francisco
Amanda Brown, 26, San Francisco
Robert Benson, 37, San Francisco
Kamaka Patrick, 18, San Francisco
Geoffrey Faubion, 36, Reno
Brandon Gilbert, 20, San Francisco
Ryan Marcel, 20, San Francisco
Robert Echevarria, 22, Portland, Ore.
Sean Yarbrough, 24, San Francisco
Jeffrey Auman, 56, San Francisco
Quincey Carr, 27, Oakland
Luke Belz, 18, San Francisco
Jennifer Boatright, 23, Portland, Ore.
Cameron Aoki, 19, San Francisco

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