Friday, July 8, 2011

VIDEO: Japanese MUNI Robots Attack!; Civil Jury Slams Central Subway; Spotted: Organic Sutro

via (ciaranwills) I see MUNI's propaganda campaign continues.  Now their reaching tech-savvy Sunset teens with their adorably Orwellian conveyance control device.  Clever, girl.


With the Central Subway in jeopardy of losing much of it's federal funding, this report (download .pdf) by the Civil Grand Jury exacted a Father Nelson (two half-nelsons while humping from behind) to the SFMTA for a project that is now projected to cost $1.578 billion. Charged with evaluating the real conditions as they exist now, the Grand Jury raised issues about how the Central Subway's poor design has no connection to the rest of the MUNI Metro system, the SFMTA's track record on accurately estimating project budgets; and also raised concerns about how the SFMTA has spent money it already had. In a city whose General Fund has been rode hard and put away wet in recent years, isn't time to take care of our hole, before going out and getting fucked?


I captured this mini Sutro tree on Mt. Vernon near Balboa Park Station looking north-northwest.

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