Thursday, March 3, 2011

Woeful White Women Seek Princessa Parking Permits

San Francisco - I live, work, bike, and drive in San Francisco on a daily basis.  Part of my job includes delivering prepared, Organic meals to wealthy clients in Cow Hollow (How Shallow), Pacific Heights (Specific Whites), and the Marina (Farina) Districts.  I often see cars double-parked for 10-15 minutes in those neighborhoods, only to see a stay-at-home mom emerge from the home to dump her child into a nannies waiting car to take the child on a playdate, or other activity.  

     I often walk into homes with 1, or sometimes 2, nannies present, yet am shocked to find the mother of the child(ren) at the residence when i arrive.  Why should these affluent women be given more privilege than life has already blessed them with. Parking is for city residents ONLY.

     My mother worked and raised 2 children with help from NO ONE.  That's a mother!

     Do these mothers (and i use that term lightly) expect neighbors to give up their access to public, residential parking (or what is in actuality publicly-funded, private vehicle storage),
so one of their neighbors that has children because her husband expects it, can provide parking for her 1 or 2 nannies which she hired from out-of-town so she could pay them a lower wage?

     Of course they do, when life has handed them diamond-encrusted, carte blanche access to exclusivity and decadence, they would most likely expect that level of exclusivity from others in their realm of existence.

Arrogance and entitlement requested from a group who are already entitled with affluence and privilege?

Move back to Marin, we'd love the parking space in front of your house for a new parklet.

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