Friday, June 4, 2010

San Jose and Guerrero Parklet City's Latest Gem

San Francisco - Here's the latest in San Francisco's reclaimed vehicular real estate, San Jose and Guerrero in The Mission.  Previously a one-way northbound street north of Guerrero, San Jose is now a two-way “cue street,” providing local access to residents.
        Reclaimed logs from Golden Gate Park serve as perimeters to the new plant beds, featuring native and drought tolerant plants.  These planters separate the plaza from busy Guerrero Street traffic.  These, along with reclaimed wood from trees in Golden Gate Park, create a relaxing space for recreation and contemplation.
    This plaza is quite large at 9,000 square feet.  The closure of the 28th Street crossing at Guerrero is a welcome sight for neighborhood residents who knew this as a dangerous intersection.  It also abates traffic speeding onto northbound San Jose from northbound Guerrero heading to St. Luke's Hospital, allowing for the plaza to accommodate a basketball court and generous seating.  A childrens play structure is in future plans for the popular spot.

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